Essays. The Philosophy Classic

Parution de Essays. The Philosophy Classic avec une introduction de Philippe Desan.

“This selected edition, based on the popular Charles Cotton translation, includes many of the classic essays along with some lesser-known ones. It includes an insightful Introduction by Montaigne scholar Philippe Desan which reveals how the Essays transformed literature by elevating the familiar over the abstract. In the process, Montaigne created a template for the modern, questioning self.”

Essays: The Philosophy Classic delivers a carefully curated collection of thought-provoking works by sixteenth-century thinker Michel De Montaigne. Exploring topics as diverse as politics, poetry, love, friendship and the purpose of philosophy, this latest entry in the celebrated Capstone Classics series is accessible and intuitively organized. (656 pages)

Follow the thoughts of the person who created the essay genre in literature as he expresses his philosophy, interests, and learning. Throughout, you’ll be guided by an expansive introduction by leading Montaigne scholar Philippe Desan and the comments of series editor Tom Butler-Bowdon, placing the work of Montaigne in its historical and philosophical context.


L’ouvrage peut être commandé ici sous forme d’e-book ou sur le site d’amazon.

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